133 Norfolk Southern CSX Bright Gray


Gray salt and pepper cinder with white.



Norfolk Southern CSX Bright Gray 133 is a Grey cinder for any railroad that uses grey ballast cinder for the railroad.

1331 Norfolk Southern CSX Bright Gray N Scale Ballast
1332 Norfolk Southern Bright Gray HO Ballast
1333 Norfolk Southern CSX Bright Gray Ballast

After being ejected out of a volcano,  grey cinder/volcanic rock gets its appearance from the simultaneous rapid cooling and depressurization process. Grey Cinder Sand has small cysts, which is what causes it to be so light in weight. We crush to down to make 138 CSX SP Wabash Grey Ballast.

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Ties/Sleepers are placed on ballast to forms the trackbed upon which the track placed. It is packed between, below, and around the ties and ballasted to bear the load from the railroad ties, to facilitate drainage of water, and to keep down vegetation that might interfere with the track structure. The ballast also holds the track in place as the trains roll over it. It consists of crushed stone. Many modelers consider ballasting a chore, but one that is necessary to get the right look.

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The ballast for railway modelers comes in many sizes and colors. You will need to choose the size—this dependant on the scale of your model railway. Choose the color because of the location of your railway. Size is critical as over or under size ballast looks wrong. Colour is not as important as variations occurred around the country dependant on what local stone was available. It is possible to combine two colors to create the effect you require, but mixing the materials must be done accurately to allow you to combine the two colors again should you need more material. Choose the size and color that are appropriate for your scale and locale and complement the colors of your scenery. 

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Weight 11.5 oz
Dimensions 4.2 × 2.7 × .85 in

1 N Scale, 2 HO Scale, 3 Large "O" Scale

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Gordon W.
Very realistic

I live near Norfolk Southern tracks (main line) in North Carolina. When I compare the prototype ballast on the NS/CSX tracks with the ARM ballast, it is uncanny how much they look alike. On my layout, I can hardly tell the difference. If you are building a layout with the Southeast US (NS/ CSX) as your inspiration, I highly recommend the Norfolk Southern CSX Bright Gray.

United States United States
Very realistic

I live near active Norfolk Southern CSX tracks here in North Carolina. When I installed this ballast on my N-scale layout, I was very pleased with how close the to prototype it was! There is a subtle brown shade to the NS CSX prototype ballast that is effectively duplicated in the #1331 ballast. The product was easy to install. Its ease of handling allowed a precise, realistic result.

Thomas L.

Very happy with the look of the product. Need bigger bags.